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Enough with asking me requests right now please!  I'm putting my foot down here.  I have too much right now and cannot take it anymore.  I have 7 projects that have to be done still.
                               Emma Hamato#6

Emma and the family were having a meeting in the hotel room again.  A knock came at the door,
"Hotel manager."  Granny's voice.
Confused, everyone got up and quickly dawned on their disguises.  Once it was safe, April opened the door and saw Granny with a grim and defeated look.
"I'm afraid you can't be in the hotel anymore.  you have an hour to clear the premises and leave."
"What?"  Nearly everyone said.
"Madam, have we done something wrong?"  Splinter asked.
"Sorry.  It's the mayor's orders."
When they heard that, everyone's faces grew dark.  Regina was starting to play her game now.
"We understand.  We will get ready to leave."  Splinter said.
Granny nodded looking every bit of her age.  she obviously didn't do it by choice.  April closed the door and turned the crowd.
"The van is still in repair till they fix it.  What are we gonna do now?"  She asked.
"Maybe we can go to the abandoned library?"  Mikey said.
"That would work, but she would know if someone was there, especially if we still are sticking around.  She'll get suspicious."  Leo said.
"Oh right."  Mikey said defeated.
"Let's play it by ear and go from there."  Emma threw out.
Everyone looked at her and decided it was the best course of action.  They all packed up their things and vacated the hotel room.  It was nighttime.  The moon was shining over the trees making the town light up.  Everyone sat in the park, unsure what their next course of action was.  Mary-Margaret was walking home from a failed date night with Dr. Whale.  She dropped her purse fumbling through it for her apartment key and noticed Emma and her family in the park.
Emma looked up and a smile lit up her face as she saw her 'mother' walking towards them.
"What are you all doing here?"
"Regina had Granny kick us out of the hotel."  Raph said in a gruff tone.
Mary looked sympathetic.  "I'm sorry.  She runs this town her way and no one can really do anything about it."
"Yeah, we learned about that first-hand."  Casey said.
"You know...I have room in my apartment.  You guys are welcome to stay with me till you can get a place or till your van is fixed."  Mary suggested.
"We do not wish to give you any trouble Ms.” Splinter said.
"Oh no, no trouble at all.  Besides, it’s not right what she did.  You don't have a place to stay for the night.  Come on.  It's fine."  Mary said.
Splinter saw Emma smiling big.  He knew this was an offer they couldn't refuse.  He did a tiny gesture to his sons and they nodded.  
"We would be most grateful for your hospitality Ms. Blanchard."  Splinter said.
"Wonderful.  I'm just up the road here."
Everyone picked up their bags and followed her to the apartment complex.  It was small enough for everyone.  
"Thank you Mary."  Emma said.  Making sure not to call her mom yet, otherwise it would've made everything confusing.  
"You're welcome Emma.  You have a nice family."
"Thank you."
"Would you like some hot chocolate?"  Mary asked.  Emma grinned.
"With cinnamon on top?"  She said with a smile.  Causing Mary-Margaret to laugh and Emma followed.  It was a beautiful for the make-shift family as they saw Emma interacting with her mother.   Hopefully they could break the curse soon so 'Snow White' could remember her daughter and be with their family.

Emma woke up at the crack of dawn like she always had.  Everybody was still asleep, save for a certain rat that was meditating in the small living room.  His ears twitched as he heard the door about to open,
"Your morning training my daughter?”
“Yes Sensei, while the town is still quiet for the moment.”
“Be careful as you go Emma.”
“I will.”
“If you encounter Regina you come back immediately.”
Emma nodded despite the fact she wouldn’t have minded putting that bi-yatch in her place.  Emma went out and jogged down the stairs.  As she was out the door, she broke out into a full-on run.  Emma headed down towards the beach and made a back track through the woods.  As she came to the park, she began her pushups and pull-ups.  After that was done, Emma was upside down on the monkey bars, doing a set of crunches, till she heard.
“Hello Emma.”
Emma stopped and saw Sidney upside down.  
“Hello.”  She said with a blank face before going back to her workout.
“Might I have a moment of your time?”  Sidney asked.
Emma groaned, seeing that he wasn’t going to leave her alone.  She grabbed the bars and flipped herself off, landing on her feet.  Eying the man in front of her who looked impressed.
“Can I help you?”  
“Yes, that was quite impressive what you were doing right there.”
“Part of my training.”
“Yes, would you care to elaborate a bit more on that actually?”
“Why?”  Emma asked calculatedly.  She could tell he was hiding something.  This guy was Regina’s right-hand man and if he was here, that mean the queen was trying to pull something off.  Emma let her mind slip into a calm and collected state, showing no real emotion.  She looked at Sidney again.
“Why are you interested in the training I do with my family?”
“Well, judging from how you acted with the sword, it seems that you have a lot of knowledge on what it is you do and maybe you would like to answer a few questions for the paper?”
That was all Emma needed to hear.  This guy was here for Regina to find out who she was.  No way in hell was that gonna happen.
“I’m sorry sir, but unless my family is here and give me permission, I cannot help you.”
“Not even just a few words?  It’ll be kept confidential.”  
“Right, till the mayor asks you to print it.”  Emma said coldly.
Sidney’s eyes widened a fraction but collected himself.  Emma saw it all.  Splinter taught her to look for signs of lying and it paid off.  She walked to Sidney and looked at him dead in the eye with an expression that made him grow cold.
“I can tell when people are lying and you saying a pretty big one.  You can tell Madam Mayor this:  I am not someone for her to exploit or to be taken advantage of.  Try anything and I’ll retaliate just as hard.  Figure that out.”
Emma walked away and decided to jog home, where she had Sidney Glass looking at her like she just killed his puppy.  

Emma made it home and saw Leo and April helping Mary-Margaret make breakfast.  Splinter was still meditating and Raph, Mikey and Donnie were asleep on the couch.  Casey was nowhere to be found.
“Hey everyone.”
Everyone awake turned when they saw Emma.
“Emma, where were you?”  Mary-Margaret asked.
“I was running.”  She said as she sat at the table.  April threw her a water bottle which she caught.
“How was your morning exercise my daughter?”  Splinter asked.  He took notice of Emma’s somewhat rigid body motions and a growl under breath,
Mary-Margaret must have caught I too because she left the kitchen and sat down at the table next to her.
“Emma?  Did something happen?”  She asked, sounding like a concerned mother.  Emma smiled a bit.
“I ran into someone while I was running through the park.  Some guy that I’ve seen who is always tagging around with the mayor.”
“Oh Sidney.”  Mary said, Emma nodded, “He’s a reporter.  And he’s always with Regina yes.”  Mary’s eyes flashed with certain protectiveness that any mother would have that the other occupants in the apartment took notice of.  “He didn’t hurt you did he?”
“No, he was trying to ask me questions about my family and the training that Regina saw me do the-“
“Training?”  Mary asked.
“Yes.  The mayor walked upon us at the park yesterday while we were practicing our daily training.”  Splinter said.  He got up and sat down with the woman he knew was Snow White.
“You see Ms. Blanchard, my sons and Emma do lessons with me in-“
A knock at the door, startled everyone.  Mary-Margaret went to the door and saw Mr. Gold.
“Hello Ms. Blanchard.”
Emma Hamato#6
Regina kicks the family out of the Inn.  Mary invites them in her home and Regina sends Sidney after Emma to gain information. 


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